CADx has an exceptionally dedicated and experienced team of in-house professionals working on the aesthetics and functionalities of 3D models. We provide Product Prototyping Services. We offer a complete one-stop solution, with in-house finishing & painting services. From aesthetic models to final production units, our skilled finishing artists can closely match customer specified color, texture and finish every time. Our fully finished projects have appeared in promotional brochures, product packaging and event shows.

A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from. It is a term used in a variety of contexts, including semantics, design, electronics, and software programming. A prototype is generally used to evaluate a new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users. Prototyping serves to provide specifications for a real, working system rather than a theoretical one.

Rapid Product Prototyping Service

Prototypes are not only a testament but essential elements in every step of the process of product development. Whether it is to re-verify a design with a model or to visualize its form, fit and perform its function testing. Product Prototyping Services allows designers and engineers to execute fast and frequent revision of their designs. 3D printed technologies at CADx are applied for both aesthetic and functional testing prototypes.

Application cases for fabrication of prototypes using 3D printing:

Aesthetic Models

Aesthetic models of the final product is created to check the look and feel of the final product intended. Aesthetic models help companies to re-design the products before it goes to the final production stage. We have seen products which have great functionality but it does not look good aesthetically, this is the stage where the company failed in the manufacturing process of the product.

Fitment Checking

Sometimes when the product parts need to be created, it is first created as a product prototype to check if the parts manufactured will be a proper fit to the product or not. Companies go through the process before going into the bulk manufacturing of the product parts and that’s the reason sometimes we see that parts from third party company companies do not fit properly to the actual products.

Design Evaluation

Product prototyping services are used to create the product model for design evaluation. It’s slight have a different usage as compared to aesthetic models, here new design is tested. We see lots of products with unique and improved design, the manufacturing companies spend a lot of time at this stage in design evaluation before going for final production.

Crash Testing

Sometimes a product prototype is created for testing the durability of the products. If a product can be created with various materials, they create the product prototype with various materials for testing the durability of the product. It’s a very important process in the final product development.

Medical Models

Life saving medical equipment goes through a different type of testing processes so that it works well in the real usage conditionals. These medical models are a result of product prototyping services using 3D printing technology. And that’s the reason we see significant improvement in medical equipment in the last few decades. It’s really useful for the patients as well as medical practitioners.

General Product Prototype Categories

Depending upon the requirement and usage, Product prototyping can be categorized differently. Sometime you may just want to check the look and feel of the final product or maybe you want to check the only functionality or you may need product prototype for taking initial feedback from the users. Depending on these usages and requirement a product prototype can be majorly categorized in four ways.

Working Prototype

A working product prototype generally have all the functionalities of the final product. Usually, this type of prototype is created using some other material as the final product will be created but it has all of the functionalities which will be there in the final product.

Visual Prototype

Visual product prototype looks visually same like the final product will be, but it does not have working functionality which will be there in the final product. A visual product prototype is created for the product demonstration or showcase purposes.

Proof-of-Concept Prototype

A proof of concept product prototype is used to verify some of the key functional aspects of the product intended. This type of product prototype is created when you need to verify the theoretical concept and wants to check how the final project will look alike. This type of product prototype necessarily does not have all the functionality of the final products, but it has all the things needed to prove the theoretical concept.

User Experience Prototype

User experience prototype is created when you need to test the product. These type of product models are created so that people can use and test the product. It’s a dummy product kind of things. This type of product prototype may or may not have all the working functionality of the final product as per the requirement.

Why Product Prototyping?

There are many instances when you need product prototyping. A product prototype can help to add value to a project as you can check, feel your product before the final development also it will add credibility to your project.

In some case the materials that are going to be used in a final product might be very expensive or difficult to fabricate, so in that case, a prototype is made from different materials than the final product. Also, there could be a case where the final production materials are still undergoing development themselves and not yet available for use in a prototype, in this case also a prototype is created with the use of different materials.

In case, where you need to prove that your concept works and that the theoretical design translates into a working model. Often a design prototype may better demonstrate your product and thus a product prototype is needed in the case.