Product Design & Engineering

CADx Tools & Technologies offers comprehensive product development services encompassing all the aspects of industrial product design, engineering consultation services and design for manufacturing (DFM) services. CADx has a dedicated and experienced team of designers and engineers who utilize the latest 3D CAD/CAM digital technology and have demonstrated extraordinary mechanical aptitude in understanding customer aspirations for concept design, functionality and manufacturing.

Industrial design and product engineering services are viewed at CADx as visibly co-dependent and highly integrated phases of the product development process. This creates the field of “Design Engineering.” Design engineering encompasses overall concept development, creative design and product engineering relative to ergonomics, product architecture, design for manufacturing and product cost. The goal is to develop innovative solutions based on the development of sound design criteria.

Depending upon product development requirements of different customers, all engineering is done in 3D CAD and prototyping. This tool enables our design team to interact with a virtual solid model–to realistically simulate a product’s performance and efficiency. Solid models provide a common database for design reviewing and for detailed engineering documentation. 3D digital data can be directly used as output to our rapid prototyping and rapid tooling processes.

The major benefit from CADx design engineering technology is a reduced time-to-market product development cycle for our clients.

CADx design engineering covers a broad range of services that can be used individually, or as an integrated product development process. Some recent services we provide are listed below. But we are not limited to these; only ends of the human imagination can be our limits.

Industrial Design Services:

Various components for industrial applications like CAM, gears, pulleys, covers, splined shafts, machine blocks, machine kinematics etc. are designed for specific requirements posed in unique customer situations. We do not stop here; full prototypes of these coupled with sessions of design discussion with customers ensures only remaining end stop, start manufacturing.

Concept Design/Development/Refinement/Ergonomics Engineering:

Challenge us with your requirements and your current solutions. Modern simulation technologies were never utilized to such high extents as in our centers. We provide optimized solutions may it be regarding the strength, looks, cost, or ease of manufacturing ensuring the most ergonomic products out there. Beat your rivals; forge your business to success.

Mechanical Design Concepts/Feasibility Studies:

We like to tease our brains with ideas, may they be remote wilderness escapades in imagination. If you are curious – will the next big idea for your firm be feasible? Shoot us! Equipped with cream designers, and rapid prototyping, we will find out together.

Design Consultancy:

Our ears are waiting to listen to your ideas and problems, we have that Midas touch, everyone talks about; to convert it into reality.

3D Printing is set to revolutionize us. Designs that were so unimaginable are now easily printed/ manufactured. Virtually every field has been touched, remaining to be engulfed by the enormous 3D printing wave.