How 3D Printing Is Changing The Way Students Learn Today

While 3D printing or additive manufacturing has begun to gain widespread acceptance in the field of industrial design applications, by 2020, we aim to have a high number of students who will have studied this breakthrough technology throughout their educational curriculum in schools and colleges. Until then, our team of technical experts and engineers is ensuring that we assist students and teachers in order to achieve this goal by engaging with them, helping them learn good design practices, training them to work on our world-class user-friendly and reliable 3D printing machinery.

Just like a computer is present in nearly every desktop today, we aim our 3D printers to reach up to every student and teacher and help them in technology, complex sciences and design and engineering principles. 3D printing is emerging as a versatile transformative technology entering nearly every field one may imagine. It has the power to drive the economy, from core sciences like Physics, Chemistry and Biology to Architecture, Astronomy, Mathematics, Automobile Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Food Industry, Fashion Industry, Geography, Textile and what not!

The scientists, engineers, and designers of tomorrow will need this technology to build a better and brighter future for us. These are the students of today, who can use 3D printing to visualize and transform it into almost anything that they would want to create and build, analyze it in the most efficient way. Students from around the world, have already made history using 3D printing, even printing an entire engine using this technology and even NASA plans to launch a 3D printed rocket in the near future, for which research is on-going.

The brilliant minds of the young students their teachers and their creative and innovative ideas assisted with 3D printing are already opening doors to a revolution in how we see things and what we know about science as yet. 3D printing is yet to make a huge impact and associated with the Indian Government’s Atal Tinkering Labs, we aim to achieve our goal of helping every individual student learn to operate this technology and make the most out of it, whether they are going to be engineers, doctors, architects, astronauts, mathematicians or chemists, the possibilities are limitless, then why should education be limited to a curriculum?

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