CADx being one of the top manufacturers of 3D Printing machines in India also provides 3D Printing Training Services. At CADx, 3D Printing Training is offered by industry experts having 8-10 Yrs. of experience. And the best part is that you will have a practical exposure as you will be learning from the team of one of the top manufacturers of 3D Printers in India and also one of the leading 3D Printing Service Provider in Delhi India.

3D printing today is one of the most interesting and happening technological advancements that mankind has seen in the last few decades. 3D printing today being used in almost every industry. It’s already a booming industry in the western countries and in most developed countries. But here in India and in other developing countries, 3D printing technology getting an attention but adoption is a bit slow. Given the 1.25 billion population, 3D printing shall provide Indians with a lot of opportunities and also improve country’s economy.

Industries and institutions are fast adopting 3D Printing technology these days. They employ engineers and designers with 3D Printing Training as a prototype and product engineers. 3D Printing experts are employed in design houses as well that provide 3D design, 3D computer-aided design (CAD) modeling, biological and scientific modeling, and architecture or construction modeling services.

3D Printing

3D Printing is a process of converting digital files into three dimensional solid objects. The 3D printer stacks thin layers of materials one above another to make solid objects – since it involves adding layers, 3D printing is also called additive manufacturing. 3D Printing helps engineers not only to make the final product but also optimize the quality of prototypes of products that have to be manufactured in the traditional way at factories.

Scope of 3D printing is very broad. Today 3D printing is being used in almost every industry involved in the manufacturing of the products. Also, it is being used in designing industries for creating design and prototypes. 3D printing is also used in the colleges and universities for learning and teaching in better ways.

3D Printing Training

As the 3D printing technology taking shape today, It’s one of the most lucrative career options. 3D printing technology is at an intermediate stage today in almost all developing countries, especially in India. Unlike many western countries where the technology is at booming stage, here in India there is lots of scope in 3D printing technology in coming future. 3D printing training program helps the participants understand the design, functioning, and operation of a basic to advanced 3D Printer.

3D Printing Training & Courses in India

Cadx Tools & Technology Pvt Ltd is one of the best center for 3D printing training in Delhi India. As a company, CADx have its own innovative 3D Printers, It has a wide range of 3D printers under it’s Arya Series of 3D printers which are suitable for different usage conditions. Also, Cadx provides 3D printing services in Delhi India.

Cadx’s 3D Printing Training is an award-winning course and that’s the reason it is the part of various college and university syllabus. We are associated with various industries and partnered with many organizations in transforming engineering education in India. Our experienced 3D printing trainers have trained professionals in various states of the country.

3D Printing Training Course Outcome

As a student, this course will help you in getting a job in this most interesting and emerging technology today. If you are already a working professional this course will further help you in enhancing your skills. This course will help you in understanding 3D designing and printing technology from basic to advanced levels. Below are the general outcomes of our 3D Printing training course.

1. Understand how to create a 3D file
2. Learn about the materials, designing of CAD models, working of a 3D Printer
3. Understand how to build and calibrate a 3D printer
4. Mastering the 3D printing
5. Career guidance in 3D Printing

Who Should Attend – 3D Printing Training

Although Students of any background with interest in 3D Printing and wants to pursue a career in related domains can attend this 3D Printing Training Course. The training is designed considering, corporate users and individual working professionals like Engineers and Architects. Being one of the best 3D printing training providers in India, We do provide training in various companies. We do provide training to the individual professionals in-house as well. Also, we provide 3D printing training in various colleges and universities in India. As of now, we have trained and mentored 1000+ professionals in India.

As the 3D printing technology growing in India. There will be a huge demand for 3D printing professionals in the coming future. This training will add a value to your CV, the trained 3D printing professionals be an important asset to any company.

3D Printing Training Course Structure

Our 3D printing and training course structure are designed by the professionals having more than 8-10 years or experiences in 3D printing technology. Also as we do provide 3D printing services to our clients, we know exactly what works best in the industry today. Also, the most important thing here is that you will be trained using our own innovative 3D Printers in India. Below is our 3D Printing Training and Course Structure:

1. 3D Printing Technology Basics
2. Introduction – Additive Manufacturing
3. Introduction and Details – 3D Printer and Rapid Prototyping
4. CAD Files – Concepts and Designing
5. Demonstration of 3D Printer Assembly
6. Testing and calibration of 3D Printer
7. Training & Demonstration of 3D Printing

These are the broad 3D printing and training course structure. We keep track of the changing technology in 3D printing, As the technology changes, there will be a slight addition or modification in our training structure. You will always learn the latest about the 3D printing technology with Cadx Tools and Technologies Pvt Ltd.