CADx offers quality 3D Printing Services in Delhi India in a competitive pricing. CADx uses its own innovative 3D Printers for all 3D Printing Services in Delhi India. Delhi is the capital of the country and being one of the top industrial hubs in the country houses many top fortune companies of various industries which includes, manufacturing, electrics and electronics, jewelry, leather, metals and heavy machinery and pharma companies etc.

All of these companies needs 3D Printing services to create the prototype of their products before actual manufacturing. CADx serves all these companies of various industries in their 3D printing required. Apart from these companies even individual professionals like engineers, architects also need to create the prototype before actual manufacturing.

CADx is one of the most trusted names not only among the companies but also among the individual professionals when it comes to 3D printing services in Delhi India.

3D Printing Services: Technology & Processes

3D printing also known as product prototyping or additive manufacturing is a process of making a three dimensional solid objects. The term “Additive Manufacturing” describes how the entire process of 3D printing works. In an additive process, an object is created by laying down successive layers of material and then an object is created layer by layer to create complex shapes.

3D printing as a whole process includes three main steps:

1. Designing: Designing is the first step in the process of 3D Printing Services. Here a 3D file is created using CAD software or any other. Also if the product is already there, a 3D scanner is used to create the copy. At this stage, the design is finalized as per the requirement.

2. Printing: At this step actual printing is done using a 3D printer. The first step here is to choose the material for printing, different types of materials are used in 3D printings. The quality of the printing will depend on the printer quality. Did we mention somewhere? At CADx we use our own innovative 3D Printer in our 3D Printing Services in Delhi India.

3. Finishing: Sometimes the product printed cannot be used directly as required and thus it goes through a final finishing process, where the already printed 3D product is further improvised to be able to use. Also if there is any change in the whole designing of the product, it again goes through the steps discussed above.

3D Printing Services in Delhi India

CADx being one of the leading manufacturers of 3D Printer in Delhi, India offers quality and cost-effective 3D Printing Services in Delhi, India. Our innovative 3D printers have the capability of printing using various printing materials. It is made to give you the best of results in 3D printing Services. Having the years of experience and expertise in 3D printing makes us one of the best 3D printing service provider in Delhi India.

We provide the complete 3D Printing Services which includes 3D Designing, Actual 3D Printing, Finishing the printed 3D Products. We have the complete specialization in all of these verticals and thus you get the best quality 3D Printing and product gets delivered to your door-step. With our one-stop solution, we assure you the timely delivery of your printed products.

As a leading 3D printing service provider in Delhi, We are providing 3D printing services to our clients from various industry. Our services are not limited to our clients in Delhi only, we also provide services to our clients in many other cities in India.



Use of 3D Printing Services

Three-dimensional printing makes it easy and cost-effective option to create a single product and then to create the thousands of such products. Even 3P printing technology can be used to create the copy of the 3D printers itself. 3D printing services have been used in manufacturing, medical, education sectors which facilitate 3D printing to become one of the most successful commercial technology.

Automobile Industry: 3D Printing Services in Delhi, India

3D Printing Services is a must for an automobile company. Automobile companies use 3D printing technology to create the prototype of the parts of a car. It saves a lot in manufacturing cost as compared to the traditional way of creating a product. In today’s time, almost every automobile company have an in-house 3D designing and printing team.

Manufacturing Industry: 3D Printing Services in Delhi

From small to large manufacturing process 3D printing technology plays a very important role. This not only saves the cost but also saves the time and manpower. Manufacturing a small product like pieces of jewelry or manufacturing a large product such parts of aircraft, It all goes through the 3D printing technology and processes.

Education Sector: Use Of 3D Printing Services

In the education sector, 3D printing is being used in creating a prototype of the products. Also, it is being used in the process of learning and training the students. From schools education in modern school to higher education in colleges and universities, 3D printing can be used in teaching the students in a most innovative and creative way.

Medical Sector: Use Of 3D Printing Services

In medical sector 3D Printing technology is being used in creating a prototype for medical and surgical pieces of equipment and to create the prototype for medicine packaging products. 3D printing speeds up the things in the entire manufacturing process of these medical and related products.

These are just a few of the example where 3D printing services are being used. Apart from the industries mentioned above, 3D printing technology can be used anywhere to create a prototype of a product and that is the reason 3D printing has become one of the essential requirement to all the companies and individual professionals in today’s time. It’s not possible today to imagine the world without this innovative 3D printing technology.

Contact us if you are looking for a quality 3D Printing Services in Delhi India. We assure you a quality service in a most competitive pricing and timely delivery.