CADx Tools and Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer and seller of 3D Printing Machine in Mumbai India. Cadx having head office in New Delhi, the capital of the country manufactures and sells 3D printers in India and it’s one of the top sellers of 3D Printing Machine in Mumbai. Our Arya Series of 3D printers are being used in hundreds of various companies all over India.

3D Printers are being used in almost every industry today to create and print 3D object. 3D printing is an innovative and futuristic technology which is an additive manufacturing process that creates a physical object from a digital design. There are different 3D printing technologies and materials you can print with, but all are based on the same principle: a digital model is turned into a solid three-dimensional physical object by adding thin layers of materials, that’s the reason, 3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing.

Apart from manufacturing quality 3D printers, we also provide 3D printing services in Delhi, also we do provide 3D Printing Training to users.

3D Printing Machine in Mumbai

We are the top manufacturer of 3D printers in India, also one of the largest seller of 3D printing machine in Mumbai. Many top companies of various industries are using our 3D printing machine in Mumbai. We have different models in our Arya Series of 3D Printers, namely ARYA PRIME, ARYA PRIME +, ARYA PRO, ARYA PRO +, ARYA UNO. Our 3D printers are built fully metal body for high accuracy and upgradable and supports multi material, also these have touch screen with WIFI/IOT support. (features listed here are model specific, some advanced features may not be found in base models).

Our 3D printing machines are the most trusted 3D printing machines among the industries in Mumbai. In case if you are looking for quality 3D printers in Mumbai, you can buy our innovative 3D printing machines with full confidence, as you are not the first or only one using our 3D printing Machine in Mumbai.

3D Printing Machine in Mumbai, India


Usecase of Our 3D Printing Machine in Mumbai

Our 3D printing machines are being used in companies of every industry in Mumbai. Here’s some of the use case where our innovative 3D printers are being used.


Teachers as well as students from school level to universities are using 3D printers in learning and teaching the modern ways. Schools and colleges today have many education programs in association with many technical companies which are promoting technical education to students. Cadx being one of the leader in 3D printing machines in Mumbai is associated with many school and colleges to empower students with technical education, especially 3D printing and related services.

Rapid Prototyping

Various manufacturing companies are using our 3D Printing machine in Mumbai in their rapid prototyping process. Rapid prototyping is the fastest and cheapest manufacturing process where a product prototype is created and then send it to bulk manufacturing.


From car manufacturers to bike manufacturers, every company in automobile industry today is using 3D Printers in manufacturing actual products and product parts. Cadx with its innovative 3D printers and with 3D printing services helped various companies to speed up their manufacturing process and save in the cost of production.


If you want to see 3D printing applied in the wildest ways imaginable, look no further than the aerospace industry. From materials to concept printers they are doing some of the most interesting, cutting edge research in the entire field. Almost every aviation company and their partners in parts manufacturing, uses 3D printing technology in different ways to create quality products and product parts. 3D Printing machine is widely used in aviation industry not only in Mumbai but also in the companies all over India.


Architects were one of the early adopters of 3D printing technology. When architects need to present their work as a physical scale model, 3D printing will always be a quick and efficient way to do it. 3D printers help cut down manpower and time when it comes to visualizing designs for clients. Not only the agencies but also individual architects are using our 3D printing machines in Mumbai.


3D printers are widely being used in medical industry as well, Patients around the world are experiencing improved quality of care through 3D printed implants and prosthetic never before seen. Even 3D printed surgical instruments are being used in various medical surgeries. Also these 3D printers allow dental professionals to craft appliances in the exact shape that clients need them in for a fraction of the usual cost.


In today’s time, Additive manufacturing also being used in the food industry. Well known restaurants using 3D printing technology to print different shapes which can be used in the manufacturing of actual food items with different shapes and sizes.


Fashion industry is also not behind when it comes to using 3D printing technology in the manufacturing process. From individual fashion designers to big companies everyone using 3D printing machine in Mumbai and other parts of the country in the manufacturing of fashion and related accessories.

These are just few of the examples but 3D printing is not limited to these industries only. You can imagine any company or industry; 3D printing can be used in everything from learning to teaching and from manufacturing to selling. This is the reason 3D Printing technology is termed as the future technology.

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